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How To Buy Houses at Auction
What's Inside: REO Auction Academy Gives You Everything You Need To Find, Analyze, Bid & Buy Houses at Online Auctions
Learn To Make Money Multiple Ways: Virtual Wholesaling, Buy Local or Out of State Rentals, Your Next Rehab Project, Sell with Owner Financing

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What Others Have to Say

"Well thanks for all the help today. Your coaching program has been amazing. I’ve done a few other coaching/mentoring programs and y’alls is by far the best from business model to support. I know I say thank you a lot but I really do appreciate all that you and mike have done for me. Looking forward to buying and selling more houses with you guys." Trey F. Real Estate investor from TX
"Michael and Paul have an awesome marketing system for properties. I sent them a few properties to virtually wholesale for me one in Mississippi and the other in New Jersey. Within days they had solid buyers locked up to purchase these deals. Their marketing system is definitely an asset to my business and I look forward to doing many more deals with them." Ted S. Real estate investor from CA
"I have been closing on deals auction thanks to your training videos. I closed 6 properties through XOME and I know want to learn your MLS business model."  Robert T. Real estate investor from FL
"Hey Michael. I recently went through your training and greatly enjoyed it. I took action, found a money partner, found a property, and won a bid" Kirk K. Real estate investor from IA
Have You Ever Felt That You Hit A Ceiling As A Real Estate Investor? 

Or No Matter How Much Time & Money You Spend On Marketing, You JUST Can't Find Enough Deals To Feed The Family?
You know what I am talking about. You rely on spending thousands of dollars per month on marketing all while driving around town, looking at properties, negotiation & talking with home sellers just to have some cancel on you AT THE VERY LAST MINUTE.

Do you have steady phone calls each day to push you towards closing the amount of properties you want to be closing on each month?

You say that you're going to do more marketing, but now you need to hire someone to handle the dramatic increase in calls. In fact, you even need to hire someone to visit the houses & talk with the sellers!

Or if you do it yourself, you run the risk of burning out, losing deals & giving your hard earned cash away to ever rising competition in your area just waiting for you to take a second of rest.

The majority of people that we surveyed would tell you that despite the fact that their marketing LOOKS really good, rarely does it bring in predictable leads.

What you need is to add a new lead source that allows you to fill the gap and consistently buy more houses.

You don't want to do what I did. I remember having to rely on spending thousands a month on marketing, spending half my day driving around without even getting a single bite and when I did...


I made decent money don't get me wrong...but the constant, endless grind became unbearable to the point where I would question if it was even worth it?

So what's the good news? The good news is today things are different. 

I can buy houses ANYWHERE in the U.S.A without leaving my home or even when I am out of the country vacationing with my beloved family.

(Did I mention my net profit on each deal was a lot higher now too because my expenses are a lot LESS?)

Take the power of YOUR TIME back from the way traditional investors buy houses.
As a real estate investor you can do VIRTUAL WHOLESALING to buy more properties, rehabs & re-sell with less competition
As you can see REO AUCTION ACADEMY was created for real estate investors like you who...

1. Want to spend LESS time driving to appointments.
2. Want to buy more houses WITHOUT increasing your marketing budget.
3. Are a full time investor who is eager to do more, expand more & grow more.
4. Would like to launch a real estate investing business (via ONLINE AUCTIONS) as a part time venture to increase your current income or add to retirement.
I have personally coached and consulted hundreds of people who do this part time while keeping their day job just as much as I have coached busy investors who barely have a few minutes to give to a new idea.
So now you're probably wondering... how exactly does this work?
Well, it's easy as 1-2-3. Follow the steps below.
STEP #1: Pick An Auction Site & Markets
First you pick an auction site & create your account. Then, get familiar with the auction site and all the data have. Next determine the markets in which you would like to buy properties.
STEP #2: Analyze & Determine Max Bid
Next you analyze your houses by running comps, estimating rehab need & determining potential rent. This way you can calculate your maximum bid amount & make an offer. 

STEP #3: Bid & Buy!
Lastly, you click to bid on the house & continue to monitor it. You see if the house comes back on the market & re-bid. Follow through until you are the winning bidder & congrats! You just bought a house! 

Can you handle not driving around town all day, mailing thousands of letters weekly & arguing with sellers over the price of the home you are trying to buy?
All you have to do is click the button below, sign up & watch the presentation.
In the presentation you will be shown in detail a property where you can make money in MULTIPLE different ways as well as give you the EXACT STEP BY STEP PROCESS to analyze, bid & buy with multiple strategies at your fingertips.
You Will Discover:
3 Recent Deals & How You TOO Can Make Money Multiple Ways via REO Auctions:
  • Virtual Wholesaling For Cash Offers
  • Virtual Wholesaling For Owner Finance Offers
  • How To Buy More Rental Properties (Local or Out of State)
  • How To Find Your Next Renovation Project....So You Can Fix It Up And Sell It
  • What Whole-Tailing Is & How To Do It
  • How To Buy Houses At Auction
What Will I Learn From This Webinar?
  • Learn How To Profit From Listing Mistakes Made By Asset Managers On Bank REO Properties.
  •  Insider Secrets That Come From YEARS Of Experience In Dealing With REO Properties.
  •  How To Move Into A New Market & Feel Comfortable Making Offers In A City You Have Never Even Visited!
  • How To Sell Homes In Days In A New Market With ZERO Buyers.
  •  How To Bid At LIVE Auctions.
  •  How To Accomplish The Freedom Of Rolling Out Of Bed And Into Your Own Office To Bid & Buy Properties.
I Don't Know About You But I Think EINSTEIN Said It Best..."Repeating The Same Things Over & Over Again While Expecting A Different Result Is The Definition Of Insanity".
If what you have been doing isn't working than it only makes sense that you need make a change.
If you are sick of the results you have been getting then click the button below & watch the webinar on how you can buy houses from your bedroom!
Thank you for taking the time to make a change in your life.

Sincerely, Paul & Micheal
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